Who is James Cochran?

If you haven't heard of James Cochran in the food world, where have you been? He has been running his successful East London Location in EC3 for 9 months now, venue different to N1 but still showcasing his amazing signature dishes. One being his Jamaican Jerk Chicken which was named the 'Best in London' by Fay Maschler. 

Jamaican Jerk


So you may ask....where did it all begin for James, what are his influences and how did he get to where he is now? It all started on the East coast of England in a town called Whitstable, where he had his first job at Wheelers Oyster Bar, a Whitstable treasure and historical landmark. If you haven't been to Wheelers, then again, where have you been? 


James trained under Mark Stubbs, Head Chef of Wheelers and he still now and then pops in to see how they are doing. James started as a pot washer and left as a Chef de Partie. From there he moved to Reads, a 1 Michelin star restaurant in Kent, not far from Whitstable, where he started to learn refinement that is required of Michelin starred food. James then got itchy feet and like most chef's get drawn to the big City lights of London and moved 30 miles to South London, where he has planted his roots for over 10 years now. This is where the real training began, at The Ledbury, a well-known restaurant hidden away in Notting Hill, and one of the Top 15 Resturants in the world. Under the famous Brett Graham, James began to pick up all that is the world of Michelin star food.

James moved from The Harwood Arms to start up his own restaurant business with a friend called Restaurant FIX, in Hackney, London. Promised with the Hackney Fashion Hub doors down, you would have thought it would have been a perfect location, but the Fashion hub didn't happen for a long while and unfortunately the restaurant didn't take off as they hoped, location is a massive factor if a restaurant succeeds or fails. All wasn't lost as James served a customer in Restaurant FIX who loved his food so much, wanted to invest in a new resturant and the rest is history.

James other than his food, is a laid back, hip-hop loving guy, who you will most likely find wearing different coloured patterned socks every day, he lives with his girlfriend and their dog Bella in London.

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